This afternoon we had a somewhat surprise inspection by one of the upper managers for Georgia stormwater management. The gentleman was somewhat disappointed when he left the site unable to find any items out of compliance. The inspector was not spurred by an complaints and it was more of an inspection on the city to make sure they are doing their part to enforce the requirements. It ends up he lives in the general area and travels past the site on a regular basis.

With this in mind we need to keep diligent when it comes to erosion control and overall site appearance. As we move forward with development please keep an eye on future weather events and the need for any drainage swales per the phase 2 erosion plan. If there is an issue with silt fence or any items outside of your scope go ahead and bring it to my attention and I will have it promptly addressed.

FYI, the hard work and speed of execution has not gone un-noticed by my boss and our Division President. You’re setting a pretty high bar for yourselves especially with how quickly you were able to address the dirt issue this week and sourced a new supplier.